Chepstow (Welsh: Cas-gwent) derives its name from the Old English words 'Chepe' and 'Stowe' meaning market place.  Chepstow is an ancient walled border town that prospered as a market town, with a busy port and shipyards contributing to its wealth in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Bar

William Fitz-Osbern founded Chepstow Castle in 1067. With its splendid position situated on a cliff top above the River Wye, it is often cited as the oldest surviving stone castle in Britain. The town is the gateway to the Lower Wye Valley and Forest of Dean. Being in an area of outstanding natural beauty and with the 'Wye Tour' in the late 18th century, Chepstow became a centre for tourism. Tintern Abbey is only five miles away from the Club.  Chepstow town centre has over 130 shops within easy walking distance of 1,000 car park spaces. There are 16 hotels, bars, public houses and 15 restaurants and cafes.


Chepstow Conservative Club was established in 1946 and ever since has been an active social club, serving members and their guests from the Chepstow Community and surrounding areas.  We are located conveniently within the town centre.


Being two hours drive from London, Chepstow is situated just off the M48 Motorway and Severn Bridge, and is only half an hour from Bristol and Newport.